1. No more  Residential for all year 1 students.
2. All year 1 students are to write their Exams using computer. Anybody that has reference in any year 1 course will follow the trend.
3.Payments of school fees commences after the release of Results.
4. Payment will not be allowed during residential, which means DLI students must pay there school fees before residential period.
5.Result was delayed due to the demise of the chief computer Programmer in DLI.
6. Returning students Result will be uploaded on the internet (www.dli.unilag.edu.ng) on or before Saturday 12th, 2012.
7.Laptop scheme for all students as UNILAG DLI Goes LIVE on Electronic Learning. A laptop of N32,000 is to be sold to any INTERESTED student. visit DLI for more details.
8.Wireless connection has been installed @ DLI for free browsing for DLI students ONLY.
9.To have access to this wireless browsing, your USERNAME is your matricNumber@dli.unilag.edu.ng.       e.g 091001111@dli.unilag.edu.ng.
PASSWORD: Last 5 digits of your MatricNumber plus the 1st 3 letters of your Surname. e.g. 01111BAL.
10. Any class Gov. that  wants to contest for Distance Learning Institute Student Association(DLISA) EXCO must Resign his/her governorship post..

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  1. Please does it mean year 1 student will be coming to school during the residential for daily lecture or we are going to be coming for weekend lectures alone.

    As there is no residential for us.