Application are invited from qualified candidates for admission into the following programmes which will be offered by open and distance learning mode.

Available programmes are
- B.sc in Accounting                           5 yrs
- B.sc in Business Administration      5 yrs
- B.sc in Economics                           5 yrs
- B.sc in Pulic administration            5 yrs

- B.sc in Science Education
          -B.sc in Education Biology      5/6 yrs
          -B.sc in Education Chemistry  5/6 yrs
          -B.sc in Education Physics      5/6 yrs
          -B.sc in Education Mathematics 5/6 yrs

Diploma Programmes
- Diploma in Mass communication                            2 yrs
- Diploma in Library and information Science          2 yrs

General Information

a      Offers of admission to programmes listed above are subject to viable number of qualified applicant.
On-line print out slips of results will not be honoured at the point of registration.
     Candidates awaiting results need not apply.
d      Certificates and not statement of result slips are acceptables for WASC/SSCE/GCE/NECO results obtained before 2007.
e      All completed application forms are to be submitted on or before 30th December 2011.
f       Candidates should be on the lookout for the date and details of a selection test.

Method of application
Payment reference pins generated (http://www.dli.unilag.edu.ng/)
application goes to any of the designated bank and pays the application fee of #12,500 only ; broken down as fellows: #12,000 application fee ;#500 e-processing fee. candidate will be given a receipt which contains a confirmation order number
Application is given online access to the application form and fills in all necessary information. submit and print a copy .(Applicant is also given the opportunity to save application form and later complete the form incase certain information are not readily available)


  1. please how do i go about it

  2. Hi I have an MBA from LASU and an HND from Laspotech. I want to read Bsc Public Admin, where will i fit in

  3. Hi,what about those that cores 35,and there names are not on the list of admission,what hope awaits them?.

  4. Let them wait for the second batch list

  5. i want to run a diploma in mass communication in unilag.but can't see how i can go about feeling the form online.what should i do?please reply fast.thanks

  6. If you are talking about Distance Learning Institute Diploma UNILAG, the form as close for now.........But if it is the full time Diploma you need to come down to UNILAG to purchase the form.

  7. Hve gone thru the sreening for DLI yr1,but wheneva i entered my details for payadive,I get a msg which says ur details is not on the admission list.Pls I need 2 knw y this ias so,I hve my admission letter alredy.

  8. Yess**** That should be true... Because it not time for you to pay your school fees. They are working to update the site..Once it is updated you will be notified, which will be notified on this site..So in a nut-shell you cant generate your pay advice now, which means you cant pay your school fees now "You will be informed when to do that".

  9. Pls. I need help, concerning breakdown of school fee, especially for those that have one carryover course, how much are they (One carryover course) pay for 2011/2012 session in full

  10. All you need to do is to pay for your current year school fees.... And just go and seat for the carry over course. Your current school fees is the total amount on your pay advice print out. Generate your pay advice by visiting www.dli.unilag.edu.ng

  11. am a woman of 37 yrs with all my waec papers passed but i have higher diploma in accounting and auditing from kwara poly with lower credit. pls how do i apply for bsc in accounting from the dli. thanks

  12. Pls when the dli second batch Is coming out sir,pls I need the full details thanks