You are welcome to this New Era of innovation and stress free education around the world. we,v taken the initiative by making it possible by the grace of God to deliver to all students to take lecture notes and other resource material wherever the are inspite of all odds against them in the workplace.this concept will solve the problem of lecture time table,assignments and dates of test for all levels ranging from Yr 1 to Yr 5.Governors forum will take care of contacts to all governors and their deputies at all levels with respect to dates and  time schedule of  all assignments and test.latest informations of all happenings and events b4 and after residential,exam venues as scheduled by the school authorities during the exam period.DLISA weekend flash will be posted from week to week to aid convienience of passing information to all students.in a nutshell you have all the information of events 24/7 on this site.this site is open to comments and observation at all times.i wish you all successful completion of your program. 
Gov. Iheoma Simeon (UNILAG-DLI)

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  1. Iheoma, you've done a good job. "Carry go" meaning you can do better with the help of God.
    Keep it up...... u got no rival!