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This is a message from student field, this website is designed/developed to solve problem facing students. Student of any school that is registered with us(registration is free) as the opportunities to access your class lecture notes ,get different course materials, get lecture time-table, exam time-table, know your lecturer's with their contacts, know your course advisers and check your results etc...It's now time for every student from different universities, colleges etc in different countries to start getting information’s from there class governor's/class reps and also from there student unions/student associations direct online..How do you go about that? If you are a class governor's/class rep. or student union/student associations president or member of the exco's or if you are leader in your class or leader of any group you can start communicating with your students/people here on our website, by sending us an email of participation to studentalart@gmail.com or visit our site www.studentfield.blogsport.com so that we can create your own special page for communicating with your students/people
Hammed Balogun
(Bill gate of DLI) 

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