These are the said reasons why UNILAG D.L.I was not canceled like LASU part-time.

1.DLI is not a part-time school, its a faculty in Unilag.
2. They are thought by regular lecturers in the school
3. They don't have campuses for learning outside the school, they study in classrooms in the school
4. They enjoy all the services made available for all students of Unilag including the use of hostels.
5.They go into the hostels for residential studies and for exams
6. They convocate every year with all students of the university of Lagos.
7. They make very good grades like other students because of good learning.
8.They are given the same certificate with other Unilag students, with DLI as a faculty in various departments
9.They are not oldies or tagged as Adult Education, they just enroll to study and work
10. They are the best distance learning institute in the University of first choice known in Nigeria today.

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