We don’t want bribe we want UNILAG(DLI Vice President Insist).....DAY 3 PROTEST

Police men stormed University of Lagos gate today and began throwing tear gas around. They locked the institution's two main gates causing serious traffic around the area. Students were supposed to continue their protest today after suspending it yesterday out of respect for their VC who was buried yesterday. 
Nsikak David Tom Udo(Vice President DLI UNILAG) Insist!!!!.....We want University of Lagos.We will resist any move by the FG to unjustly and illegally change the name of our dear University of Lagos(the nations pride...).Unilag students will resist the use of UNILAG to score cheap political point.If the president want to immortalise MKO Abiola,he should change the name of one of the newly created Universities,or better still name the national stadium in ABUJA after him.Nigerian police have again shown their level of unprofessionalism.They have shown them self to the whole world to be unprofessional when they fired a tear gas at the students protesting peacefully which resulted to the collapse and subsequent hospitalisation of a female student but now discharged,is this democracy at all. University of Lagos students are known to be law abiding with high integrity and we showed this by resisting the bribe offered to us by the commissioner of police.University of Lagos students will never accept bribe to sell its pride so the commissioner of police should return the money to where ever he collected it from.We don’t want bribe we want UNILAG.Case in the court of law now! .......CLICK TO SEE MORE PICTURES

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