South Africa apologizes To Nigeria over deportations, blames airport health officials

I'm sure you've all heard. South Africa today apologized for the deportation of 125 Nigerians last week, who, according to airport health authorities, carried fraudulent yellow fever cards. Their statement below...

We wish to humbly apologize to them, and we have," South Africa's deputy foreign minister, Ibrahim Ibrahim, told reporters. "We are apologizing because we deported a number of people who should not have been deported."
Ibrahim said South African airport authorities did not properly check to determine whether the cards were authentic. He said South Africa was considering reopening a health clinic at the airport to ensure such deportations are not repeated.
Foreign Minister Olugbenga Ashiru said a special South African envoy was expected soon to convey the apology in person.
On behalf of Mr. President and the federal government of Nigeria, I as foreign minister will accept the apology and I will be sending a letter back to my counterpart in South Africa accepting the apology of the South African government

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