The residential time is here! as you prepare for this great moment that is more or less your promotional exam to the next level.You have to put into consideration some of the following factors that will make or mar your chances of becoming successful in the exam.
(1)adequate study of your residential and examination time table to cope with your schedule at the place of work.
(2)Strict observance of all lectures,test and assignment.
(3)Paying your school, cleaning ,sms and union fees.After you are through with all these factors then prepare yourself mentally and spiritually.Spiritually speaking with experience, i found out that the spirit rules the physical,so pray and fast before and after exams and commit every minute details of all proceedings into the hands of GOD.
                 This apply to my Christian and Muslim brothers to take advantage of the month of Ramadan to pray and intercede  for everybody that is participating in this program.I am praying for you, that you will not be sick,you will not be involved in a domestic or car accident that will hinder you to participate.after this same program you will be accepted back to your working place unconditionally without any problem.If you are a nursing mother make adequate preparation for the upkeep of the children.Mental preparation is one aspect that you have to take seriously as if everything is depending on it.Get married to your course outline,find a place out of your noisy place and comfort zone to read.Reading is going on right now for 24hrs in the school,you are free to come in according to your schedule.Conduct yourself during the residential avoid late night drinking and partying and be committed to your course.I am not ruling out the mixture of social and academic life but rather do it with caution and know the reason why you are here.Know your class groups and start early preparation for your group assignment and research.you should be able to delegate group leader and notify your class Governor for support and information.visit this site to receive updates on assignment and examination dates and schedules.if you have comment and observation also pass it on as we make our learning experience easy relating our day to day activities to one another.herein we attach your residential time table,examination time table for you to have access and prepare before time.GOD bless you in all your endeavours as you prepare.YOU will not be dropped,expulsion will not be your portion,untimely death will not come near you.YOU WILL GRADUATE WITH HONOURS AMEN!
Gov. Iheoma Thompson

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